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Embird Alphabet 7
Embird Alphabet 7 975 KB Freeware ★☆☆☆☆

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CrystalWolf Free Audio Player CrystalWolf Free Audio Player 1.0 MB

Play all popular audio formats without any plugins or additional mo...

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Last.fm 15 MB

Radio client that learns what you like and gets better. Last.fm is...

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Rubato Rubato 1.8 MB

Research and education platform for analysis and performance of musi...

Intervallogic Intervallogic 9.5 MB

Intervallogic - Ear-training for musicians Based on a programmed lea...

  • Elastica
    Elastica 13.9 MB

  • Logsmith
    Logsmith 60 KB

    Logsmith - Extendable framework for processing and editing small tex...

  • AFDX
    AFDX 1.1 MB

    Listing of all airports in FAA database. AFDX brings the Airport/Fa...

  • teiid
    teiid 21.8 MB

    Free and multi-platform data virtualization system Teiid is a data ...

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