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Winamp Deskband
Winamp Deskband 993 KB Freeware ★☆☆☆☆

Winamp Deskband is a toolbar docked to the taskbar that is fully ...

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Midi 2 Ringtone Midi 2 Ringtone 38.7 KB

WLAN_ATHEROS_V7.3.1.42_Vista_CA40701-W217.EXE WLAN_ATHEROS_V7.3.1.42_Vista_CA40701-W217.EXE 4.86MB

This package supports the following driver models:Atheros AR5002G Wir...

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Mbox2eml Mbox2eml 75 KB


GUESS - System and language for visualizing and manipulating graph ...

    BLAST 1.2 MB

  • CarrelPatch
    CarrelPatch 24 KB

    CarrelPatch - Script to disable DHCP/LDAP vulnerability As reported ...

  • a52decX
    a52decX 255 KB

    a52decX allows you to convert a DVD AC-3 sound to an AIFF CD for...

  • Whole Platform
    Whole Platform 180 MB

    An open source technology for engineering the production of software...

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  • Zipfer
    Zipfer 1.53MB

    Zipfer is a program that retrieves data from any text file, counts...

  • Multi-Contactor
    Multi-Contactor 1.7MB

    A dialer application with the capabiltiy to leave voice messages. M...

  • Image2PDF Desktop Application
  • GText translator
    GText translator 509 KB

    The program was developed Chalyshevym MM www.orasource.ru On-line tra...

  • PicViewer
    PicViewer 1.4 MB

    PicViewer is an image viewer for most common file formats. PicViewe...

  • BlindBossKey Pro
    BlindBossKey Pro 437.09K

    BlindBossKey helps you hide opened windows and running processes in...

  • Hardcopy
    Hardcopy 1.9 MB

    By default, a computer seems to be equipped with all it needs so...

  • DCPro Studio
    DCPro Studio 9.74MB

    The new SilverFast 6.5 now makes imaging even easier! The extensive...

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  • radlab
    radlab 8.4 MB

    A virtual environment for designing and simulating radiation detectio...

  • ProjectX
    ProjectX 207 KB

  • Cdblib
    Cdblib 9 KB

  • KVS
    KVS 1.8 MB

    KVS (Kyoto Visualization System) is a platform-independent and open-s...

  • TubeSight
    TubeSight 2.6 MB

    TubeSight - The ONLY application you need for videoblogging! TubeSig...

  • gtkmm
    gtkmm 11.5 MB

    A free C++ wrapper for GTK+ (a language binding that lets you use...

  • contusa
    contusa 69 KB

  • Coffee Order Widget
    Coffee Order Widget 59 KB

    Coffee Order Widget - Order a gallon can of fresh-roasted coffee f...