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SoliCall 1.27MB Freeware ★☆☆☆☆

SoliCall has developed an innovative and original software that will...

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WaitForFile WaitForFile 291.99K

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PeptideShaker PeptideShaker 30.4 MB

PeptideShaker is a free and open-source application that allows for...

GDataCopier GDataCopier 10 KB

Bi-directional copy utility and API for Google docs GDataCopier is ...

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  • Woof! The Official Dogster Boom!
    Woof! The Official Dogster Boom! 498 KB

    A funny Firefox theme from Brand Thunder Personalize your browser w...

  • Portscanner
  • Wallet
    Wallet 2.3 MB

    Store passwords, serial numbers or contacts. Wallet was designed wit...

  • Examining the Scriptures Daily
  • ABL
    ABL 327 KB

    Open source list library defined using C preprocessor ABL is a bas...

  • Brushfire
    Brushfire 1.4 MB

    Provides another way to use and navigate Brushfire report informatio...

  • SynApp2
    SynApp2 382 KB

    Transform your database design into a useful web application SynApp2...

  • cutmp3
    cutmp3 46 KB

    Free, open source, small and fast command line MP3 editor cutmp3 l...

  • 20/20 Vision
    20/20 Vision 390.7 MB

    Provide visual acuity tests for optometrists 20/20 Vision sonsists o...

  • Pluggo
    Pluggo 53 MB

  • SilverFast HDR Studio
    SilverFast HDR Studio 28.3 MB

    A high-end imaging software from LaserSoft Imaging which is now ava...

  • IPAccess
    IPAccess 28 KB

  • HartMath CAS
    HartMath CAS 1.8 MB

  • LingPipe
    LingPipe 63.6 MB

    Natural language processing software for text analytics, text data m...

  • DownloadCheck
    DownloadCheck 403 KB

    Simple utility that checks for applications in your Downloads folder...

  • UtilityButton
    UtilityButton 70 KB

    A small dashboard widget that provides easy acces to your utilities...

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Latest Ratings
  • symTone
    symTone 1 MB

    Digital image manipulation program symTone is a digital image manipu...

  • Decode da Code
    Decode da Code 56 KB

    A file decompression utility Decode da Code is file "decompression"...

  • Incisor
    Incisor 1 MB

    Simple lightweight editor for resizing, cropping, and rotating images...

  • ConsultantX
    ConsultantX 9.8 MB

    Allows you to create grapics that mimic your process with a simple...

  • endo
    endo 5.3 MB

    Aggregator that you can use to stay up to date on your favorite ...

  • Best Tarot Pro iPhone
    Best Tarot Pro iPhone 2.8 MB

    Find answers about your hopes and wishes by Tarot reading. There a...

  • Wagn
    Wagn 11.3 MB

    Very powerful and easy to use tool that will help you gather and...

  • PvrExplorer-Pro