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Multimedia Explorer
Multimedia Explorer 1,854K Freeware ★☆☆☆☆

This program search for multimedia files (images, sounds and videos)...

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Noatikl 7.1 MB

Easy to use generative (MIDI) music engine. Noatikl (or noatikl) is...

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  • PyBrain
    PyBrain 255 KB

    A free and modular Machine Learning Library for Python PyBrain's go...

  • GenStocks
    GenStocks 812 KB

    Easily evaluate stocks with this simple application for your Mac Ge...

  • Tuesday's Coming
    Tuesday's Coming 260 KB

    Tuesdays Coming - Get the low down on new release DVDs from this...

  • Strange Wilderness
  • QXPort
    QXPort 2.4 MB

    QXPort - Microsoft Word filter exports to Quark files qXport is an...

  • Gleetchlab
    Gleetchlab 13.4 MB

    A realtime modular audio composition and processing software. Gleetch...

  • PyDirDuplicateFinder
  • PKanaEditor
    PKanaEditor 134 KB

    PKanaEditor allows you to write text in romanji and have it transl...

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