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ZipBackup 694K Freeware ★☆☆☆☆

ZipBackup is an easy to use tool that helps you backup your data...

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Turbo Browser Turbo Browser 4.3 MB

Turbo Browser is an application designed to enhance productivity and...

blofch blofch 13 KB

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Blue Cat's Stereo Flanger Blue Cat's Stereo Flanger 5 MB

Offers stereo flanging effect with a single slider. Using the same...

Daisy Delight Daisy Delight 4.8 MB

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  • boox
    boox 248 KB

    Firefox add-on that adds enhanced functionality to the Bookmarks Boo...

  • Dropbox Cache Cleaner
    Dropbox Cache Cleaner 185 KB

    A great Dashboard widget that tells you the size of your Dropbox ...

  • Inquire4D SUI Say
  • Eclipse Resource Filter
    Eclipse Resource Filter 22 KB

    Free plug-in for Eclipse built for filtering resources Eclipse Resou...

  • ePiano
    ePiano 714 KB

  • xSMS
    xSMS 4.7 MB

    Personal SMS gateway made easy xSMS Gateway is a software utility ...

  • GreenCard
    GreenCard 60 KB

    Haskell foreign function interface preprocessor GreenCard is a free ...

  • webval
    webval 16 KB

    An open source URL scanner, maintainer, and validator webval is a ...

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